My Little Work-Skipping Secret: Doctor’s Notes

little secret doctors notesSo I probably shouldn’t tell anyone this, but I just cannot resist. I am hooked on fake doctors notes! I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have used them for both work and college -and they work like magic every single time. Yes, you really can pick and choose templates for dr excuses and never even have to go to the doctor! Admit it: you’ve wanted that day out of work or school, too, but didn’t really need a doctor. It is those occasions when these notes work so wonderfully.

The fake doctors note is so easy to use. Simply pick your favorite template, print it out and hand it in. No one but you will ever know! I have used it many times, and you can use it as often as you’d like too. Yes, I was a bit nervous my first time, but my supervisor took it, looked it over and told me he hoped I was feeling better soon. I am so slick and I couldn’t be any happier with myself.

If you’ve ever wanted the day off but was worried about getting in trouble or spending a ton of cash to visit the doctor, these notes are perfect for you, too! I love them!  To get a doctor’s excuse note, go to

Awesome templates from doctors.

I was able to get this doctor’s note from the internet

Templates For A Doctor’s Note: Where To Find Them

Doctors note templates can usually be found in numerous places, or even designed and printed by oneself depending on their desires. Such templates are usually easy to find, except for those that may be serialized and their only source would be from the authenticated vendors. The need for doctors’ note templates usually arises from time to time, and understanding the most probable places to find them is of utmost importance to save oneself from much struggle in accessing one when necessity demands them. The most common places where doctors note templates are found include the internet, chemists, print houses and drug manufacturing firms.

The internet

The internet hosts a vast variety of documents, and doctors note templates are not an exception. Multiple sites provide a wide range of doctors note templates, differing in size, color, quality and design. Such sites can be accessed either by name, if one knows the name of one, or by simply making a search of doctors note templates. Such templates are provided free and can be directly downloaded and printed by anyone in need, while other sites provide specialized templates that one has to purchase to be allowed to download and eventual printing. Since the cost per sheet or booklet is fairly affordable across the board, such templates can be purchased online by use of a credit card then printed and used as one wishes.



It is important to note that chemists are also in possession of doctors note templates. Such templates are normally used in the dispensation of drugs and giving of instructions regarding their use. It is also noted that chemists that sell drugs on wholesale will probably have doctors note templates to accompany the drugs for use, and as such one can easily access such templates in those areas.

Drug manufacturing firms

Companies that manufacture drugs usually have their own designed doctors note templates. Such templates are usually sold together with the drugs. Such templates, in the form of booklets are normally issued for various purposes. They are given to chemists, pharmacists and doctors for their use, and in some cases the templates may be freely given to members of the public for promotional purposes. Such templates are therefore freely available and can be easily accessible.

Print houses

This is a viable and reliable source of doctors note templates. Such templates can be printed and reprinted in various forms and designs for specific doctors or general sale for prospective buyers. One can therefore get a doctor’s note template printed by such firms, or purchase one from a specified point of sale at some cost. For this reason, one can also design their own doctors note templates and have them printed to use at any time they need them. One can access any doctors note template and use it in the design of their own version before printing. It is also easy to directly download a doctor’s note template from the internet then redesign it to a custom one before printing.

Will Companies Let You Take As Much Time Off Without Pay As You Want?

Companies do allow for time off without pay arrangements, though the durations for which such arrangements can be accommodated are restricted and subject to certain rules and regulations. This therefore implies that taking time off without pay cannot be done indefinitely, and periods for which such leaves will be applicable normally vary depending on the reason for such time offs as follows:

Insufficient credit points for leave

In circumstances where the employee does not have the mandatory number of leave credits to warrant leave without pay, the employee may be granted time off without pay for a period not exceeding eight weeks. Mostly in such circumstances, the employee will normally have subscribed to using their vacation leave and are seeking for an extension of the time off period. Usually granting such leaves require firm support from positive reviews of their job performance.

Sick or special time off without pay


In cases where the employee has not attained the required special or sick leave credits and there are no chances any more can be advanced on that course, sick leave or special time off without pay will be granted, provided that such employees would merit for such leaves if they attained the required credits. Such time offs are not normally in excess of five days, and in the event that the employee may need to spend a period exceeding that period they will be required to surrender their credits for vacation leave so as to avoid running into economic difficulties.

Leave to engage a different employer

Time off without pay requested by an employee intending to work for another employer is normally granted for a maximum period of thirty six months. In such situations, the prospective employer to be worked for must have some relevance to the current work allocated by the current employer and the territorial public service.  The granting of this leave is also subject to positive reviews of the employee’s job performance. In the event that the leave is granted, the employee and the employer will sign an agreement that requires the employee on completion of the leave to return to her employee for a duration similar to the one provided in the requested leave.

Other time offs without pay may also be granted provided they are found to be beneficial to the territorial public service.  However, such laws cannot be granted for a period exceeding twelve months. Such leaves are also granted only if the job performance reviews are satisfactory to the granting authority, and an agreement stating that terms of returning to service at the end of the leave must be signed.

Generally, there exists varied forms of time off without pay that an employee can choose from. While such leaves are granted subject to company policy and regulations, the time factor is strictly considered and their award is subject to proof of good reason. Employers therefore do not grant indefinite time offs without pay, and in most cases positive job reviews on an employee’s performance is key in granting such schemes.

Do Family Doctors Make House Calls Anymore?

Making of house calls by family doctors has seen a nose dive in rates in the recent years. This therefore implies that family doctors, no longer conduct frequent house calls in most cases, and this has been occasioned by a number of several factors.

Reasons for decline of house calls

Money plays a major role in the hindering of family doctor house visits. While house calls are charged, the charges accorded by the clients are normally not sufficient to cover for the cost of driving from one house to the next, which in most cases entails a long period within one household compared to the time it would have taken the family doctor to examine and consult with the client at their offices.

The increasing emotional distance between the family doctor and the client is also another reason to explain for the decline in house calls made by the family doctor. The modern physician has assumed a different role of simply examining and prescribing, and therefore the much intimate, open and close relationship that once existed has been bypassed. The relationship that was once based on mutual understanding and concern has changed and is now focused on rendering service to the time customer, but does not extend to the ways of battling together the life menaces as it once was.

Another reason why the family doctor rarely makes house calls in these days is the centralization of the medical profession and its services. In the early years of the twentieth century, most of the medical practitioners embarked on establishing their professional bases in specified places, especially around towns, firms and higher educational institutions. This was majorly cited because of the expenses and sometimes heavy technologies involved in diagnosis, which eventually resulted in a decline in the number of patient-doctor house encounters. This increases the number of patient and doctor encounters that occurred in hospitals, clinics and health centers, which has eventually established itself as the norm of the day.

The kind of training accorded to health providers in the recent days has also not focused on conducting house-to house visits, which then makes the practitioners perceive their centralized places of work as the only justified venues for the provision of such services.

Need for revival of house calls by the family doctor

While house calls by the family doctor still remain infrequent, there is a need for an increase in such visits, and some of the doctors are already steadying up to this wake up call, this is especially the case of providing such services to the aging and frail population. An increase in the number of elderly persons who need visitation by heath providers from time to time is experiencing a dramatic increase, which calls for a readjustment towards family oriented heath care system.

The need for a reigniting of the mutual dependence between doctors and patients is also seeing a surge, since some of the illness afflicting patients are not so common, and the occasional presence of the doctor at home may serve to give hope to the patient and provide some relief. Many more patients are requiring medical counseling services, and this will mean any doctor who wants to establish a lasting relationship with their client stays up to their needs.

How Long Can I Miss Work Because Of Pregnancy?

Being pregnant usually calls for a readjustment of the body to new requirements. This means that the body will be working tirelessly to meet two core demands, job and maternal health. During pregnancy, one is entitled to leave, which totals to a maximum of fifty two weeks or an equivalent of one year.

Attending antenatal clinics

Since attending antenatal clinics is a core task during pregnancy, all female employees are entitled to such time offs provided they have made the necessary arrangements as required. Attending such appointments will require that the pregnant employee make a formal request in writing to their supervisor indicating to them of their pregnancy and need to attend such sessions. This is expected to be done not later than fifteen weeks before the woman’s due date, and make it clear of the day that they wish to start their leave. Though such dates can be changed, such changes are should be communicated to the relevant persons within a period of twenty eight days. The employee should also inform the supervisors when they intend to be attending their antenatal sessions which will allow for work planning. The allowed time offs should cover for both the travel time and the period spend in such sessions. The antenatal time off is also paid and no change of agreement without the employees consent is allowed. The partner of the pregnant employee is also entitled to an unpaid time off to accompany her to utmost two visits of her antenatal appointments.

Maternity leave


Employees are entitled to a maternity leave that lasts for a maximum period of fifty two weeks, which is made up of two phases.  The first session called Ordinary Maternity Leave consists of twenty six weeks, and these begins utmost eleven weeks before the due date of the pregnancy. This time off extends though after the delivery until twenty six weeks are over from the official starting date. The second part called Additional Maternity Leave is also comprised of a time period of twenty six weeks, and normally begins after the elapse of the first period.

Compulsory maternity leave

Though some of the employees may not be concerned about taking their ordinary leave, it is compulsory for them to take two weeks’ time off after delivery, and a further two weeks if they work in a factory. The above leaves also stay in place if the baby is born earlier than the due date, and the dates are recalculated for the leave to begin on the day the baby is born. The time off also holds when the pregnancy results in a still birth after its twenty fourth week. In the event that the baby dies at birth, the same regulations stay in place and are enjoyed just like it would be if the baby survived.

The pregnant employees are entitled to all their pay during pregnancy and through the period that they will be nursing their kids during the time off. Their partners are also entitled to some days off after the date of birth.

Don’t Just Take a Day off without Knowing How You’re Going to Get Away with It

If you want to take a day off, then you must have some plan made up in your mind on how you are going to get away with it. This is because if such a plan is not in place well enough, one risks being caught and the consequences thereof may be very severe. Having a well laid plan in mind well in advance may be so instrumental that you are not getting, and in the vent that you are caught you are well prepared to handle such a situation. Such a process may involve several stages of planning.

Formidable reason

This is the buttress of the plan. Having a well thought out reason that is convincing enough to take a day off is the most crucial part. One must determine a reason that is realistic and believable. The reason should be one that can solve within a day if it really occurred, and should be one that is pressing and cannot be easily postponed. It may also be a noble idea to have your colleague take up your position as a cover when you are away on the material day.

How to spend your day off


To take a day off without a formed up plat on how it will be spend is the most insensitive decision to make. Having a plan on how to the day off will ensure that you not only intend to take a day off so as to fulfil the whims of whiling away in the sun doing nothing. Having drawn up some plans for what you want to do will ensure that the day is spent usefully and certain goals achieved. This especially important since when you are taking a day off involves making a risk, and it will not be worthwhile to risk on matters that do not befit anything.

Taking the day off

When you have identified the day you want to spend off, then the material day should be utilized in the best way possible. All target goals should be achieved to register success. One should also ensure that a good portion of the day in relaxation so that when work is resumed you are not too fatigued. This will ensure that when you resume work you are more relaxed, energized and refreshed to take on the routine tasks with more enthusiasm. It is also worthwhile to note certain areas that may expose you to your superiors and risk being noted that you are spending the day away from work without their permission. This will effectively reduce the chances of being noted and ensure you get away more smoothly.

Resuming job

It is important to have some return to work formula to avoid more possible pitfalls. Arriving to work early will especially be important in putting things back in order, detecting if there was anything unusual while you were away or any new communications that you need to keep abreast with.